Our Helpers

Collaboratively Caring for the Community

North Community Counseling Centers, Inc. has been dedicated to serving mental health needs in Central Ohio for almost 50 years. As our community grows, we are not only aware of the expanding needs of our clients, but are actively trying fulfill those needs. By partnering with other entities, we are able to provide more comprehensive services to our clients.
Our Helpers focuses on assisting Somali and immigrant populations with various concerns regarding acculturation. For many immigrants, these issues can be extremely challenging and interfere with social functioning, relationships and activities of daily living. In some instances, the strain is so overwhelming it leads to financial or even legal problems. Without proper support, the success of these individuals in their new environment is highly unlikely.

North Community Counseling Centers is collaborating with Our Helpers to assist clients in overcoming acculturation barriers. We are accomplishing this by providing clinical and case management services in-house at Our Helpers, catering to the unique needs of this community. These additional services will help empower clients to reach personal and professional goals. The collaborative team of Our Helpers and North Community Counseling Centers is dedicated to providing individualized support and tools to encourage social independence.

Our Helpers has a unique advantage of knowing the culture and the language of their community from the inside-out; as opposed to the often disconnecting and uncomfortable position of working from the outside-in. Our collaboration with Our Helpers will allow North Community Counseling Centers to connect with these clients and increase the effectiveness of both organizations.

NCCC Our Helpers