North Community employs a well-trained, diverse staff that includes licensed clinicians and QMHS, medical staff and supportive administrative staff who care for our clients and the community.

Management Team

Katrina Kerns – President and CEO
Lisa Bishop – Director of Organizational Development
Angela Johnson – Medical Director
Lynitra Chambers – Quality Improvement Coordinator
Cindy Viles – Bridge Program Director
Rachel Weaver – West & South Program Director
Lori Jordan – Worthington Schools Program Director
Michelle Meffley – Columbus Schools Program Director
Tracy Baker – Finance Analyst

Community Team

Yolanda Board – Community Liaison
Tara St. Louis – Outreach Coordinator

Employee of the Year – 2016!
Katie Campbell
School-based Counselor

Katie has been with North Community Counseling Centers for almost 6 years and is true gift to the agency and the kids that she works so hard for. Katie has a Master’s Degree in Counseling and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social work and is passionate about changing kid’s lives, advocating on their behalf, and finding their strengths. She is a wife, mother, iron man enthusiast and a great kickball player! Katie is trusted and respected by her peers and has a smile that lights up a room.  North Community Counseling Centers is honored to have Katie on our team and we appreciate all of her hard work and dedication.