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North Community Counseling Centers (NCCC) has been providing essential services to the Central Ohio community for over 50 years. NCCC is a nonprofit, mental health agency striving to educate and enrich the lives of the people it serves. With five locations and home- and school-based programs, NCCC is able to reach individuals, couples, and families throughout Franklin County and help them with challenges related to mental health and addiction. In addition to therapy, NCCC offers case management, substance use disorder treatment, and youth and adolescent programming.

NCCC celebrates diversity and inclusion. We take pride in creating a safe space for all clients, community partners, and volunteers. We believe in a culture that honors an individual’s background and unique experiences while fostering a place of open mindedness, communication, and compassion. It is our responsibility to model the behaviors that encourage a healthy, welcoming environment for the well-being of all that we serve.

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