Case Management

NCCC’s case management services are designed to help you achieve and maintain a successful life within your community. That means helping you find local resources to meet your needs, from food and shelter to advocacy efforts. Case managers can also help you manage your finances, navigate paperwork, plan for emergencies, and obtain benefits.

Our case managers can provide these services and more to improve your life:

  • Obtaining basic needs, like food, clothing, furniture, and shelter
  • Crisis intervention
  • Connecting to support groups
  • Self-care and coping skill education
  • Managing finances
  • Accessing benefits and other resources
  • Navigating paperwork
  • Linking with other resources, such as primary care

All of NCCC’s case managers are certified Qualified Mental Health Specialists (QMHS) and can help you overcome the environmental barriers that you encounter.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, call our central intake line at 614-261-3196 or send us a message. Case management services are available at all five of our locations.

For more information on case management services at the Center for New Americans, call 614-582-2368.